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The city was entombed in snowdrifts. There was even an avalanche in the middle of downtown. Another 10 to 20 cm of snow fell over the next days making cleanup efforts even more challenging. That is when Canadian Armed Forces personnel arrived for a week or more to help dig out the city by clearing roads, attending to the elderly and sick and ensuring residents got medical care. Plugged narrow streets became an enormous struggle for crews cleaning more than 14, km of city roads.

Best Online Dating Site In Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada - Meetville

Power outages occurred to more than 20, hydro customers. All businesses were ordered closed and all vehicles except emergency ones were prohibited from operating. Even government snowplows were taken off the streets. Mail delivery was halted but even when resumed, mailboxes were buried; blood donor clinics closed; even funerals had to be postponed. Homeowners ran out of supplies and lined up at grocery stores five days after the storm ended when they were able to reopen. The monster snowstorm on January 17 was the big talk for weeks in the city, but it also made news worldwide from the United Kingdom to Turkey to Australia.

With 12 days to go in January, St. No wonder the local townies called it Janubury. Following a cold spring with frost and snow in the first half of May, the weather in Central and Eastern Canada soon turned from slush to sweat. The long weekend in May - often the unofficial kick-off of summer - proved prophetic and a trendsetter.

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In Eastern Canada, it was the summer of summers — coming early and staying warm until almost Labour Day. Overall, it was either the fourth or fifth warmest summer in 73 years and the warmest since On May 27, Montreal hit The only hotter day in 15 decades was In Quebec, temperature records were eclipsed in June, and July saw even more records broken. Incredibly, Sept-Iles touched Normally such sizzle occurs once every 10 years, not four times in one summer.

In eastern and southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec, temperatures remained above normal almost continuously for 60 days from mid-June to mid-August. Lasting heat also baked parts of the Maritimes. The summer warmth at times headed westward to Manitoba. Everywhere in the east, soaring temperatures and thick humid air caused breathing difficulties. As temperatures sizzled, it also meant deteriorating air quality on many days, adding to the high air quality health risk.

The summer raised concerns inside long-term care facilities for residents with underlying health conditions facing COVID outbreaks. For other Canadians, usual hot weather shelters such as air-conditioned malls, libraries, recreation centres, movie theatres and public swimming pools were often closed due to COVID, adding to the breathing and heat respite challenge.

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With the kind of summer Ontario had, it was not a surprise that the Great Lakes were as hot as a hot tub. Surface water temperatures ranged between three and five degrees higher than normal except for larger and deeper Lake Superior. For the second time in four years, residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta were forced out of their homes.

This time it was water, not fire. Severe ice jamming on a km stretch of the Athabasca River caused water to back up on the adjacent Clearwater River, flooding much of downtown at the end of April. It was said to be the most significant flooding in more than a century. In a matter of hours on April 26, ice clogging raised water levels on Fort McMurray area rivers between 4. The sheer size of the ice prevented the use of common ice-jam breaking options, such as explosives. Instead, what nature started, nature had to stop.

An unprecedented two months of extreme cold as much as 10 degrees below normal, followed by a week of rapid warmth, lots of sunshine and warm rains prompted continued melting of the ice exacerbating the flood but continuing to mitigate it too. For more than a week, 13, residents in the lower townsite of Fort McMurray had to evacuate. Another ice jam on the nearby Peace River forced people from their homes in Fort Vermilion, Alberta. Many customers went without power or gas service for nine days. States of local emergency and boil water advisories were in effect in both Fort McMurray and the surrounding municipality adding to the state of emergency declared a month earlier due to COVID Some residents were forced out of their homes after weeks of isolation due to the pandemic.

In spite of the efforts of thousands of volunteers and workers engaged in bailing and sandbagging to protect infrastructure including the hospital, essential businesses were unreachable in the submerged downtown core, and only a handful of grocery stores remained open, causing a strain on supply. Most water damage was to commercial property downtown where 1, structures were damaged from both overland flooding and sewer backup.

Hundreds of abandoned cars and trucks were completely submerged. Huge ice chunks and piles of silt lay on the golf club and two small bridges on the course were smashed. Statistics from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre reported a second consecutive quiet fire season across British Columbia in following two of the busiest years ever in and The number of fires province-wide this year was down to or a third of the fires in the record year of Whereas there were only a few home-grown fires, owing to a cooler and wetter spring, there was a record amount of imported wildfire smoke in September.

Visible from space, dense smoke plumes from forest fires in the U. Residents from Victoria and Vancouver east to Kamloops, Kelowna, and in the Kootenay region faced some of the worst air quality in recorded history and some of the poorest and unhealthiest air in the world. For eight consecutive days in mid-September, about four million British Columbia residents, urban and rural, and young and old smelled smoke and breathed foul air. Special Air Quality Statements were issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada, as air-cleansing rains and pollution-dispersing marine winds were absent in the first half of September.

Residents with underlying respiratory and cardiovascular conditions were especially vulnerable, as the fine particulate matter was six times levels registered from the home-grown fires of and The long-term health effects for all residents are unknown. Vancouver and Victoria were especially dark and smoky. Vancouver recorded hours of smoke and haze in September with one bout that lasted consecutive hours over four full days from September 12 to Around the Labour Day weekend, a high-pressure system building over northern British Columbia produced strong gusty winds over the southern half of the province.

The same weather system ushered in a couple of days with record high temperatures warmer-than-normal and pulled in smoke from massive fires burning across the border from the United States. A dense, fog-like shroud turned daylight into smoke-tainted twilight, blue skies to leaden grey with an acrid-burning smell and sunrises an eerie blood red.

Smoky skies bulletins for the southwest prevailed for 11 days, compounding a public health crisis already posed by the COVID virus. At times, the thick layer of smoke aloft prevented sunshine from getting in and heating up the ground thus chilling temperatures by 6 to 10 degrees across the West. Around September 18, a fall frontal system from the Gulf of Alaska brought rains and winds to the Coast to start flushing out the smoke and improving breathing.

Wildfire smoke wafted across the border into Alberta. Calgary was spared but smoky skies prevailed in southwest Alberta, near the Rockies. Further east, satellite imagery on September 14 and 15 showed plumes of smoke drifting across the country extending as far as Europe. American wildfire smoke moved back into southwest British Columbia on September 30 for a very short time, but the air quality was nowhere as bad as it was earlier in September.

100% Free Online Dating in Swift Current, SK

Calgary, Alberta endured more than its share of stormy summer weather in The season featured frequent hailfalls with grapefruit-size stones, powerful wind speeds, tornado scares, dark funnel clouds, lightning-filled skies, torrential rains, and flash flooding. The city lived up to its reputation as the hailstorm capital of Canada. The Insurance Bureau of Canada sees hail as such a threat in the city that it sponsors a cloud-seeding program in order to diminish the size of urban hailstones — a pea-size stone does much less damage than ones the size of tennis balls.

As was frequently the case this summer, on June 13 warm, humid air was positioned over Alberta generating multiple rounds of severe thunderstorm cells. With colliding winds at various heights over southern Alberta, the resulting wind shearing kept the large, long-lived thunderstorms going. Around 7 p. Canadian man — Neil from Swift Current. Neil 54 y. From Swift Current, Canada.

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