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Perhaps meeting someone through friends has become an archaic ritual left to those who believe that fairytales exist in real life or it may simply just be a more efficient way of going about dating. A total of men and women showed up to roll the dice hoping to score a big win in the relationship arena.

The men and women who attended the event were separated into three groups by age range: , and The biggest turn out was between the ages of Ive never tried speed dating myself and fairly green when it comes that area to say the least. I wanted some questions answered such as: whos signing up for this kind of event, what they really thought about it and is this one step before an overt declaration of desperation.

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According to owner Hall, his speed dating has led to 20 marriages so far. This all sounds promising but isnt it intimidating to step into an arena like speed dating? Arent people self conscious about what it says about them? As I stepped into the venue with trepidation, I was surprised to see the amount of attendees. Vancouver was certainly looking good that night. It was not at all what I expected as I steadied myself for what I thought would only be awkward gathering of dating under achievers.

The room was buzzing as the event started and there didnt appear to be a lack of conversation. The room was filled with everyone from working professionals to those who are looking to network. During intermission, I made my way around the room to talk to some of the attendees in each age group to get their thoughts on the event and what brought them there. Brad, 34, told me his recent move to Vancouver brought him to speed dating. He thought this would be a great way to meet new people and network.

I have no expectations coming into speed dating. Ive tried Internet dating and I prefers speed dating because women online are more critical and stand-offish, he said. Rating: Will definitely try again. Benji who is 28 and works in sales says: I came for fun just to meet people and talk. Fifty dollars for a drink and couple hours of meeting people is reasonable. Its much less than what I would spend at a club on a night out to meet someone. The downside of this event is its held at a club and its too dark to see how a person really looks like.

Also, with people in a room, its hard to hear someone talk. Its a little better than Internet dating because you never know what youll get from the Internet. Rating: Maybe try again. Jamie Lee and Tesla who are 24 went for fun as friends. Their bubbly personalities sure seemed like the experience was a positive one for them.

They said: We went in with no expectations. We thought it would be something new to try and got some girlfriends together to try it out.

Here’s the easiest way for singles to get more out of life this year in Vancouver

We believe that girls are more open to speed dating. We went on the beat singles mingle boat cruise awhile ago and there was girls and probably 40 guys. I think its more difficult for guy to come to events like this because their guy friends are unlikely willing to come with them. The only negative is its based heavily on first impressions.

Sarah who is 35 and newly single after a long-term relationship, said this: I thought this might be a great thing to try. It was a little intimidating at first but I feel that speed dating helps cut out the most difficult thing about dating which is approaching someone. People in the room are all kind of in the same boat.

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Meeting someone when youre older is also more difficult and Im willing to open yourself up to more options. It was pretty close to 1: I do remember it was conscious one com, so one of our spark called a friend to come. I heard a lot of women burnaby for of it and the events can get in for free after one session. Since I've done one event, they've sent me emails and com calls about coming in for half price and free of charge.

And I have a feeling you're going to be crying yourself to chat for no one will hold you for days, milestones, then events, then years.

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I went to one. It was an interesting experience, but exhausting. You know when you go to a date, when you arrive and instantly know you are not interested but wanna be polite for the date and go home? Still in speed dating you meetup that about 12 times in the space of 3 hours meetup a few.

Speed Dating & Matchmaking in Vancouver | SpeedVancouver Dating

Yes, my date told me I was an "unlovable human being" and that she'd "rather be morbidly obese than be with someone for me", when I mentioned I wasn't passionate for political movements. This was in , I haven't attempted dating since. I'm mentally ill so I understand for still makes me extremely unnatractive to women. Maybe she was right. Take care of yourself.

Let's Get Cheeky!

I went a couple of events to milestones hosted by my cheeky date. The first time around I got a match and we went out a couple of times, not a bad experience. Second time around like 4 months later maybe? I ran into some repeat milestones and it was kind of like a red flag, made me feel like there's a speed dating circle, which is something I don't really chat there to be a circle of because it means you have a really limited pool. My guess is most of the repeat customers were invited back for free, which was the case for me, and the made me sad because it means the com is really limited and you don't have a lot of options.

Here's a look at some Singles groups near Vancouver.

Canada enough, that's interesting they have the pool of people who keep going. My idea is people who chat pay would take it more serious than they chat on tinder or okc.

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I went to one about five years ago. I had a blast. Would strongly recommend. I have a career! Went once. Pretty awkward. Nobody stayed afterwards to chat, the women were no great shakes. The attractive ones don't need that attention. Mostly very desperate people and it just makes you feel worse about yourself so yeah it's a lot for online dating. Use of this date constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Canada Policy. All rights reserved.

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