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Louis can even be better? The format offers something a little different for the players, who usually play 4-on-4 in overtime. So I think it will really showcase our speed, our talent on the ice, be able to make plays. I think it's really going to open up the ice.

I think it will be really good for us, a lot of fun. That, in the end, was the biggest thing to come out of last year's All-Star appearance by the women. It was something that Coyne Schofield said at the time she believed was going to open "an amazing amount of doors. It has. Coyne Schofield's performance in the Fastest Skater and Decker's performance demonstrating the Enterprise NHL Premier Passer competition went viral, as fans got to see the amount of skill and talent there is in the women's game -- at least for those who didn't already know.

The game will be for bragging rights, as it always is between the United States and Canada, for showcasing the women's sport -- and for something more. GTHL U London Knights. Oshawa Generals. Canada Ontario U Canada U Connecticut Whale. New York Rangers. Hamilton Bulldogs. John's IceCaps. Arizona Coyotes. Springfield Falcons. Hershey Bears.

Coronavirus in Canada

Traktor Chelyabinsk. SC Bern. OHL Cup.

OHL All-Stars. Jr Super Series. Team Canada. Spengler Cup. NL NLA. Washington Capitals. You see the same people, you eat in the same restaurants, you stay in the same hotels. But most important, we are engaged as global citizens in crosscutting commercial, political, and social matters of common concern. We are much less place-based than we used to be. Similarly, more than two-thirds of the Brits had worked abroad for at least a year, whereas just a third of the Americans had done so.

But despite the slow start, American business is catching up: the younger generation of chief executives has significantly more international experience than the older generation, and the number of foreign and foreign-born CEOs, while still relatively small, is rising. He was educated at Cambridge and Oxford and now leads a U.

The Rise of the New Global Elite

That evening, ElErian was catching a flight to London. Later in the week, he was due in St. For all its global reach, Pimco is still based in the United States. But the flows of goods and capital upon which the super-elite surf are bypassing America more often than they used to. Take, for example, Stephen Jennings, the year-old New Zealander who co-founded the investment bank Renaissance Capital.

Christian Thomas - Elite Prospects

For his purposes, New York is increasingly irrelevant. The largest aluminum group in the world is Russian … The fastest-growing and largest banks in China, Russia, and Nigeria are all domestic. All three are fast-growing firms with global vision—last fall, a DST spin-off called Mail. A similar harbinger of the intra-emerging-market economy was the acquisition by Bharti Enterprises, the Indian telecom giant, of the African properties of the Kuwait-based telecom firm Zain.

In a place like Africa, how can Western firms compete?

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The U. Internet company. It sounds harsh, but maybe people in the middle class need to decide to take a pay cut. It is a problem for America, but it is not necessarily a problem for American business … American businesses will adapt. It is perhaps telling that Blankfein is the son of a Brooklyn postal worker and that Hayward—despite his U. They are both, in other words, working-class boys made good. And while you might imagine that such backgrounds would make plutocrats especially sympathetic to those who are struggling, the opposite is often true.

For the super-elite, a sense of meritocratic achievement can inspire high self-regard, and that self-regard—especially when compounded by their isolation among like-minded peers—can lead to obliviousness and indifference to the suffering of others. Unsurprisingly, Russian oligarchs have been among the most fearless in expressing this attitude.

A little more than a decade ago, for instance, I spoke to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, at that moment the richest man in Russia. Though typically more guarded in their choice of words, many American plutocrats suggest, as Khodorkovsky did, that the trials faced by the working and middle classes are generally their own fault. The real culprit, he explained, was his feckless cousin, who owned three cars and a home he could not afford. And a private-equity baron who divides his time between New York and Palm Beach pinned blame for the collapse on a favorite golf caddy in Arizona, who had bought three condos as investment properties at the height of the bubble.

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You might expect that American elites—and particularly those in the financial sector—would be feeling pretty good, and more than a little grateful, right now. However histrionic his imagery, Schwarzman who subsequently apologized for the remark is a Republican, so his antipathy toward the current administration is no surprise.

What is more striking is the degree to which even former Obama supporters in the financial industry have turned against the president and his party. A Wall Street investor who is a passionate Democrat recounted to me his bitter exchange with a Democratic leader in Congress who is involved in the tax-reform effort. He is not alone in his fury. Much of this pique stems from simple self-interest: in addition to the proposed tax hikes, the financial reforms that Obama signed into law last summer have made regulations on American finance more stringent.

You might say that the American plutocracy is experiencing its John Galt moment. There, they passed their days in secluded natural splendor, while the rest of the world, bereft of their genius and hard work, collapsed. Even setting aside the financial bailouts recently supplied by the governments of the world, the rich need the rest of us as workers, clients, and consumers. They may not be isolating themselves geographically, as Rand fantasized. But they appear to be isolating themselves ideologically, which in the end may be of greater consequence.

The cultural ties that bind the super-rich to everyone else are fraying from both ends at once. One measure of the pricklier mood is how risky it has become for politicians to champion Big Business publicly. Defending Big Oil and railing against government interference used to be part of the job description of Texas Republicans. Shaw, as recently as , and he emphasized his use of the qualifier over the last several months. Critiques of the super-elite are becoming more common even at gatherings of the super-elite.

Sixty-four million dollars. Not all plutocrats, of course, are created equal.